Youth Integrity Survey discussed

Youth Integrity Survey discussed

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) recently conducted a peer review meeting to discuss findings of the Youth Integrity Survey (YIS) to identify advocacy components before launching it publicly.

TISL conducted the Survey to establish baseline facts on the current integrity levels of Sri Lankan youth. It was also to determine the youth’s level of engagement against the corruption.

At the peer review meeting held in auditorium of SLIDA, Dr. Shantha Abeysinghe of the Open University shared the findings of the survey with the participants. He said randomly selected 1004 youth from ten districts covering all the provinces in the country participated in the survey. In addition, 1012 adults also took part in the survey. All the data was collected through face to face interviews.

Senior government officials from the Motor Traffic Department, the Ministry of Justice and Law Reforms, and the Ministry of Health participated at the peer review meeting. Members of the OPA and SLFI were also present at the meeting.

After the presentation of the findings discussion was centered on why youth is so important to fight against corruption, their values, attitudes and behaviors would lead the nation in near future.

The participants requested TISL to present the survey findings in a more positive way to attract youth to fight against corruption. They also pointed out that the youth should be made aware of the laws related to corruption and an advocacy campaign targeting Advanced Level students be planned.

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