Yakkalamulla PS provides RTI facilities

Yakkalamulla PS provides RTI facilities

The Yakkalamulla Pradesheeya Sabha (PS) will soon provide facilities for the public to obtain information they need so that they will be able to contribute towards the effective functioning of the institution.

The Pradesheeya Sabha chairman H L P Chandima said that while the public galleries are already kept open, steps will be taken within the next two months to make available the minutes of the Pradesheeya Sabha and all records of 44 community based organizations (CBOs). A separate unit will be set up for this purpose.

The chairman expects the public to respond on issues related to the PS based on the knowledge gained at a workshop organized by TISL on Right to Information (RTI). He said that he will personally attend to suggestions made by the public.

The workshop was attended by nearly fifty representatives of CBOs within the Yakkalamulla PS area along with PS officials. It was conducted by TISL’s Media Officer Ananda Jaysekera and Programme Manager Nauli Wimalaratne.

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