Whistleblower Training Programme in Matara


Whistleblower Training Programme in Matara


The Shelter for Integrity, Transparency International Sri Lanka’s Legal arm conducted a Whistle-blower training programme for civil society organisations, activists and the general public of Walasmulla Matara recently. The Training programme held at the Kapruka Auditorium, Walasmulla was attended by more than 20 participants.

The participants were encouraged to make disclosures on acts of bribery corruption and administrative malpractices when working closely with the state institutions.

The ALAC resource team stressed the importance of Whistle-blowing as an important method of shedding light on Corruption. They further briefed the participants on the available authorities mandated to prevent and provide redress against all forms of Corruption.

Resource team introduced various forms of Corruption and the current laws in place for the protection of whistleblowers. The trainers advised the participants on easy to access avenues to make their disclosures.

The participants were briefed about the Shelter for Integrity Matara Center and advised to come forward with their problems if any. The participants came forward with their corruption related issues mostly relating to land and the team provided necessary advise in that regard.

The training was conducted by A.K. Chandrakantha former deputy Director General of CIABOC, Lawyer and Manager ALAC Jagath Liyanarachchi and The training programme was held in partnership with Udahiru Foundation of Walasmulla.

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