US unhappy with State media

US unhappy with State media


The US Embassy in Colombo says it is disappointed that the State media recently choose to carry a “provocative and groundless” story without allowing the U.S. to comment on the spurious claims.

While rejecting allegations made against the US, the Embassy reiterated that it provided no support to any candidate in Sri Lanka’s presidential election and that any allegations that it did are false.

“We thus were appalled by the baseless charge that the U.S. conspired against or in any way threatened the President or his government. We are disappointed that state media would choose to carry such a provocative and groundless story without allowing the U.S. to comment on the spurious claims,” the US Embassy said.

The Embassy further said that the United States and Sri Lanka are longstanding partners and so hope that the bilateral relationship will continue to move forward and that the US can contribute to the peace and prosperity of a united and democratic Sri Lanka which is respectful of its citizens’ civil and human rights.

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