Two suspects nabbed in Credit Card racket

Two suspects nabbed in Credit Card racket

creditBy Srinath Prasanna Jayasuriya – Dailymirror

An Engineer and a Works Supervisor of a private Construction Engineering Company were taken into custody in Wellawatte by CID officials yesterday, with 127 Credit Cards in connection with a racket in withdrawing cash using Credit Cards linked to the confidential PIN numbers of genuine cards of foreign nationals.

At the time of arrest, there had been 127 Credit Cards, a machine used in making Bogus Credit cards, two Lap Top Computers and thirteen passports belonging to Tamil nationals.Police said these suspects had received help from International racketeers in obtaining  confidential PIN numbers of Card owners in India and in U.K. In the interrogation that followed, details about four more people said to be residing in Sri Lanka and involved in the racket have been revealed. The CID official said that one had already escaped.

According to the investigations conducted so far, it had been revealed that the two suspects had swindled close upon Rs.40 million from the State banks as well as from some private banks.

The CID was conducting investigations and coordinating with Interpol to apprehend the foreigners who were behind this racket.

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