TISL sees no justification for holding elections in April 2004

TISL sees no justification for holding elections in April 2004

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) is surprised at the decision of the President to hold a sudden general election on 2 April 2004. TISL would like to remind the public of the unjustified public expenditure and the adverse economic impact that may result in holding an election at this juncture.The forthcoming election would be the third one to take place within a period of four years. The democratic electioneering process should be exercised with care and in a more accountable manner it should not be abused for short-term political gains. Good governance requires mature political decisions with full and genuine commitment to protect the interests of the country. The decision to call an election has caused irreparable damage to the national economy. As such TISL sees no justification for holding a general election at point.

We appeal to the President, Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet along with all political parties to conduct themselves in a responsible manner in the upcoming electioneering process. In particular we request all those involved to engage themselves in a transparent and accountable electoral process. We would also like to request all public institutions who are responsible for conducting the elections to strictly follow the rules which govern them without fear or favour.Also we request that the military, police and other institutions co-operate with the Commissioner of Elections in order for there to be a free and fair election and election process.

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