TISL requests Govt. to Bring RTI Laws Soon

TISL requests Govt. to Bring RTI Laws Soon


TISL representatives along with the committee members of Free Media Movement met Gayantha Karunathilaka Minister of Media and Mass Communication on the 27th January 2015 to request the government to expedite the process of introducing new legislations on Right to Information.

TISL representatives requested the government to prepare the Right to Information act in line with international standers and make available space for civil society to involved in the bill drafting process.

Meanwhile, the FMM members presented their short term proposals to the newly appointed government and discuss further steps that need to be taken to ensure media freedom in the country.

They asked the Minister to conduct proper investigations on past attracts to media workers and institutes to bring perpetrators to justice. Establish a compensation scheme for the families of those who were killed. To ensure transparency and accountability of the governance FMM requests to open the parliamentary committee meetings to media too.

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