TISL Offers Assistance To The New President To Curb Corruption In Sri Lanka

TISL Offers Assistance To The New President To Curb Corruption In Sri Lanka

Transparency International Sri Lanka while congratulating the new President on his election,offers him its fullest co-operation to minimize corruption in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka needs political commitment and leadership to strengthen anti-corruption institutions and to deal with corruption at highest levels. TISL has no doubt that the new President will consider this as a key priority.A National Anti-Corruption agenda in line with international obligations will create a new culture of Zero tolerance of corruption at all levels and in all sectors. It will also enhance the image of the President, the executive head of the government,who will set standards of integrity especially to public officials ensuring there will be no impunity for corruption.

We have also submitted to the President a communication setting out the important steps that are necessary to establish a credible government that he could be proud of.These principles include endorsing the OECD and ADB Action Plan for Asia-Pacific Region on corruption and strengthening the Bribery Commission and Auditor General’s Department as matters of extreme urgency. We also request him to eliminate the culture of political appointments to key posts,including appointments to statutory boards and corporations and to show a genuine commitment not to perpetuate bad practices that have been impairing the system of government in Sri Lanka.

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