TISL Conducts Voter Satisfaction Survey

TISL Conducts Voter Satisfaction Survey


Transparency International Sri Lanka is currently conducting survey to find out whether the voters were satisfied with the arrangement made by Election commissioner during the election. This survey will cover more than 13 communities including people living in slums.

Main objectives of the survey are to measure voter satisfaction with the service the election commissioner provides and understand the level of engagement with voting process, obstacle to voting and finding the gaps and address the identified issues.

There are communities, ethnic groups who do not cover by the mainstream electronic media stations or news papers. Therefore the messages, Instructions conveyed by the election commissioner may not have reached the target audience as expected.

In addition some of the existing legal requirements may be an obstacle to cast their votes. In order to represent the issues encountered by various groups on the basis ethnicity, socio economic conditions, geographic locations, it is planned to conduct the survey in identified locations across the island. It is expected to share the information with election commissioner and relevant authorities and lobby them to take remedial actions. This project is funded by European Union.

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