TISL conducts training programme for UVA community radio

TISL conducts training programme for UVA community radio

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) conducted a two-day evaluation and training programme for UVA Community Radio journalists from February 22-23, 2011 to educate them on the importance of RTI in upholding democratic rule and socio-economic advancement in rural areas.

In June 2010, TISL conducted a capacity building exercise for the said group of journalists during which concepts relating to the Right to Information were shared with practical ways of promoting the same concepts at local level for public benefit.

The two- day workshop was attended by all staff members of the UVA community radio and included practical evaluation of programmes they have aired.

 Shan Wijethunge (Director –Communications), Dilrukshi Handunnetti (Director – Advocacy),  and  Ananda Jayasekara (Media Officer ) served as resource personnel on behalf of TISL with Samapika Halder, an FK Exchange Fellow from Bangladesh  also sharing her perspectives on RTI in the Bangladesh context.

The program covered new developments in the RTI discourse and specially dealt with the concept of financial accountability at local level being guaranteed when right to information is guaranteed by societies.

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