TISL commends government on anti-corruption legislation decision

TISL commends government on anti-corruption legislation decision

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) commends the government for the Cabinet decision taken on the eve of the UN Anti-Corruption Day falling on Tuesday 9 December, to take legislative steps to implement the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), which was ratified by Sri Lanka four years ago.
Reminding that many institutions such as CIOBAC, UNDP, Clean Hands movement and TISL worked towards implementing the UN Convention in Sri Lanka, TISL Executive Director J C Weliamuna states, in a media release, that at a time when there are serious allegations of corruption in many quarters, what the people expect is to ensure implementations of the laws without fear or favour. Stressing on the need for the Government to establish transparency in Governance, he suggests that a regime of transparency can be implemented through new regulations such as Right to Information Act and National Audit Act.
“The UN Convention also requires the government to strengthen the existing anti-corruption agencies and to work closely with civil society to eliminate corruption. Let us hope that the government facilitates stronger civil society participation in eliminating corruption in Sri Lanka,” the release adds.
TISL also commends the political parties, organizations and individuals who are taking up personal cases on corruption.

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