Street drama to educate parents in Plantation sector

Street drama to educate parents in Plantation sector

According to UN statistics the national school drop-out rate average is a low 1.4%.But students who drop out before completing five years of schooling is significantly higher at 8.4% in plantation schools.

Poverty and lack of parental support are frequently quoted as reasons for the high drop-out rate while poor conditions in schools, inadequate resources and poor quality of teaching have also been attributed to the low educational achievements in plantation schools.

Meanwhile, the lack of interest and support of parents was seen as a major impediment to school attendance and performance, with a major factor being the absence of mothers who had sought employment in the Middle East as housemaids. A survey done by TISL found that many social ills such as alcoholism, fatalism, low self-value and low awareness of rights befell the households when the mothers went abroad for work.

This followed the findings in a survey done by TISL in Passara on quality of education in the plantation sector. The need to educate parents on their responsibility in sending their children to the schools was highlighted in the survey findings.

Based on these recommendations TISL in association with the Uva Shakthi civil organization has started a series of programmes to persuade parents of children attending plantation schools aware of their rights and responsibilities while maintaining a good relationship with teachers and principals.

One of the highlights of the programmes was a street drama which attracted a large gathering of people in Agarathanne in Passara. This street drama will continue in the coming weeks.

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