Rupees 10 million security bill for SLC

Rupees 10 million security bill for SLC


An unprecedented 124 million spent during Pakistan and New Zealand tours

Security arrangements cost SLC a cool 10 million bucks. 
In this post-war era where everything is simmering down to its former perspective, Sri Lanka Cricket has spent a staggering 10,066,223 rupees for security during the Pakistan and New Zealand Cricket tours of Sri Lanka.

It is learned that two years ago during the height of the ravaging war in the North and the East of the country and when the English team which are also very finicky about their security were here, the SLC spent only Rs.2.3 million.

It is alleged that the whole episode was an expense riddled affair. The two tours which enveloped totally cost the board a massive sum of 124,206,108 rupees.

This includes the prize money of 60,642,815, Administrative expenses of 3,787,241, Hotel Accommodation for teams, TOC members, SLC Officials, Umpires, Match referee 11,661,202, Catering and Beverages 27,891,732, Traveling and Transport 4,497,284, Labour Charges of 753,300, Hiring Charges (Tables, Chairs etc.) 3,513,750, security 10,066,223 and Advertising 1,392,561.

Meanwhile there are also rumblings about the Board delaying some supply and services bills of some of the suppliers for the Indian tour.

Moreover a new refurbishing programme is in foot for some of the sections of the SLC also at a staggering cost of over Rs. 4.5 million.

However an SLC insider pointed out that there was a Pakistan ‘A’ tour sandwiched in between these tours and as that tour was not budgeted those expenses may also be reflected in these figures and added “Remember most of the Pakistan ‘A’ matches were played outside Colombo and when you play a game outside Colombo the expenses are naturally high.”

The short Indian tour that followed was also not budgeted. Expenditure incurred during that part of cricket will have to be ratified once again through SLC new payment approval scheme.

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