Rideemaliyadda Development Plan approved

Rideemaliyadda Development Plan approved

Members of the Rideemaliyadda Pradeshiya Sabha (PS) in Badulla district have approved the TISL facilitated four-year development plan. The plan will be formally adapted on 30th May 2012.

The monthly Pradeshiya Sabha meeting was converted in to a committee meeting before the presentation of the development plan. People in Rideemaliyadda along with the PS members have identified projects in the area that should be given priority for development. Such projects were incorporated to the development plan.

Former Chief Secretary- Sabaragamuwa and Secretary to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Piyasena Ranasinghe and Nauli Wimalarathna of TISL presented the development plan to the council members.

PS chairman, Karu Weeraratna along with other PS members discussed the development plan with the CBO leaders before its approval with few amendments. The chairman thanked TISL for facilitating the development plan. Further he requested TISL to assist in improving the efficient working of the PS and in introducing best practices relating to anti- corruption, integrity and governance to the staff members.

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