Railway Dept. denies corruption claims

Railway Dept. denies corruption claims


The Railway Department yesterday categorically denied any corruption within the institution despite trade union claims that the institution is involved in illegal activity which allegedly has resulted in a loss of Rs. 60,000,000 to the Department.

Railway Department General Manager P. Wijeysekara said yesterday that, to his knowledge, there have been no such incidents.

“There have been rumours of a racket but they are completely false,” he said.

Mr. Wijeysekara said that an investigation was conducted by the Auditor General with regard to the matter and that there is an ongoing court case.

“If we find that something as alarming as what is alleged is taking place, then we will take measures to prevent it, but for the time being there is nothing that can be done,” he said.

The organization for the protection of properties and the rights of Railway employees recently complained that there have been a number of incidents of corruption taking place within the institution for a number of years.

This included a racket where excessive equipment including axle boxes, alkaline batteries and trolleys were bought by the Department incurring losses worth millions of rupees.

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