Priority is to bring about an ethical political culture in Sri Lanka – President


Priority is to bring about an ethical political culture in Sri Lanka – President

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena says his desire is to build a promising country with clean politics based on fundamental human needs and he will strive to bring about an ethical political culture in Sri Lanka.

He says the leaders of political parties should set examples to their followers on the qualities that should be within all politicians. As the characteristics of a leadership are reflected from its followers.

The President made these remarks at an event held on Saturday to mark the first anniversary of the March 12th Movement.

Addressing the first anniversary and the web launch of the March 12 Movement held Saturday at the BMICH in Colombo, the President said his desire to create an ethical political culture takes higher priority in his profile than physical development.

“My aim is not to construct highways or high rise buildings while the society erodes. Ethical politics is more important than building highways and high-rises. During the rest of my term I will strive to establish clean politics,” the President said.

Pointing out that the March 12th Movement was a main factor which contributed to a positive change in the Lankan political culture, the President said the corrupted electoral system has created corrupted politicians and therefore needs to change the electoral system.

He added that the objective of the government is to create a better environment in the country by introducing corruption free politics and an impartial rule.

Sri Lanka’s citizens’ organizations including People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL), supported by Transparency International, Sarvodaya Movement, Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka Administrative Officers’ Association and trade unions set forth the March 12 Declaration last year and it was approved by the President, Prime Minister and a large number of political parties.

At the First Anniversary commemoration held today under the theme “Appearing on behalf of Clean Politics” the “Parliamentarians’ collective for corruption free politics” was also launched.

In addition to the launch of the future program of the March 12th Movement, the Solemn Pledge of a Clean Politician was also given. Noteworthy was the inclusion of clean behavior, clean social coordination, clean transactions, clean income and expenditure and clean environment in it.

Parliamentarians Sisira Jayakody, M. Thilakaraja and Mayantha Dissanayake gave the pledge in Sinhala, Tamil and English. All Parliamentarians who were present at the occasion placed their signatures accepting the pledge.


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