Polls Chief to continue

Polls Chief to continue


Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayaka has decided to continue in service and not resign as earlier planned. Speaking to reporters a short while ago the polls Chief said he reached the decision following appeals by the opposition and his staff.

The Commissioner also said that he will investigate UNP claims that some 64 ballot papers marked in favor of the opposition candidate were found dumped in Anuradhapura and appropriate action if the allegations are true.

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  1. asanga wijeratne :

    In 2005,This Same commissioner was begging from Hon Mahinda Rajapakse for his retirment.That time we felt that Hon President was accepting his request.Later on we got to know he can’t resign according to our constitution.I don’t know much about the legal background but my problem is when the person come infront of the whole country and telling that,”he can’t take this stress any more and he is too old to handle the responsability of his job” how can our people of this country have any confidence,as a govt servant he will do his job properly? After this year election also he was nearly cring and begging for his resignation.Not even after a week he’s telling he changed his decision.I don’t know what politics behind his decision but my personal view is he made him self as a big joker to the country.After announcing the final result what is the point to have any inquries? My personal view is first he should go and meet good doctor.he had time to do that from 2005.then he should decide whether to work or not.And his responsability is have free and fair election.nothing else.

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