Police after another ‘Danduwam Mudalali’

Police after another ‘Danduwam Mudalali’

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Police are looking for a confidence trickster from Kirillapone claiming to be an accountant who with the help of middlemen is engaged in deceiving unsuspecting investors by promising them a high interest if they deposit money in a company he has floated for the purpose.

Those who had deposited money in his company, have complained that the man has issued post dated cheques and when they went to encash them, respective banks had informed them that the cheques had bounced.

When the victims visited his house at Poorwarama Road in Kirillapone to complain about the cheques, they were met by thugs who chased them away warning them that they would face dire consequences if they complain to police.

Another ruse adopted by him was to sell land in his possession and later use force and chase the buyers out when they go to take possession of it.

A number of victims have complained to police about his shady land deals and have resorted to legal action.

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