Parents told to encourage children to attend school

Parents told to encourage children to attend school

“Education is not only a human right and constitutional requirement but also a vehicle for poverty reduction. We must encourage our children to attend schools without fail.”This was stressed at a parents gathering organized by Transparency International Sri Lanka in Agarathanne, Passara.

The World Bank funded seminar was organsied by TISL in association with the Uva Shakthi civil organization to persuade parents of children attending plantation schools. This followed the findings in a survey done by TISL in Passara on quality of education in the plantation sector. The need to educate parents on their responsibility in sending their children to the schools was highlighted in the survey findings.

At the seminar the parents were told that the estimated drop-out rate in the plantation schools is more than 10% and these alarming figures underline the need for more determined action to retain students at school. One of the reasons for drop-out rates were poor parental support.

They were told that the lack of interest and support of parents was seen as a major impediment to school attendance and performance. “As responsible parents it’s our duty to ensure our children go to school daily”, Nadesan Suresh – President of the Uva Shakthi Foundation stressed. 

The parents were urged to participate in school activities and to have regular contacts with the school authorities. “Parents should be aware of their rights and responsibilities while maintaining a good relationship with teachers and principals. They should cut out unnecessary expenditure but spend on their children’s education while ensuring an environment conducive to study at home”, he pointed out.

Meanwhile, school authorities were told to improve the quality of education in the plantations in keeping with the regulations and programmes should be implemented in the true spirit with the co-operation of parents and civil society.

TISL’s Duleeka Vidanapathirana, Shan Wijethunge and Hiran Wickramanayake also participated in the seminar.

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