Misuse of public property at Provincial Council elections 2013

Misuse of public property at Provincial Council elections 2013

Investigations by the Programme to Protect Public Resources (PPPR) initiated by Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) have revealed that there is grave misuse of public property by candidates at the forthcoming provincial council elections. The numbers are increasing by the day.

It has been revealed that during the past 72 hours, in the North Western Province (NWP) around 70 government vehicles are being used for political propaganda work. Vans, jeeps, cabs, lorries and motor cars belonging to state institutions including corporations are being used for this work. Although official vehicles have to be returned by former Provincial Council Ministers, some of them are continuing to use these vehicles. These vehicles are being used in Kurunegala and surrounding areas by supporters to paste posters, put up cutouts, distribute leaflets and other publicity material. It was noticed that some vehicles were not carrying number plates.

At the same time, a considerable number of public buildings are being used for election propaganda activities. Prominent among them are bus stations and buildings belonging to local authorities and multi-purpose cooperative societies. Posters and cutouts of candidates are displayed at these premises and some are even housing party offices and are used for eletion rallies.

The PPPR personnel saw public property at Puttalam, Anamaduwa, Nattandiya and Madampe being used for these purposes.

In addition, staff belonging to government institutions is being used for propaganda work in the NWP.

The PPPR had found that family connections have helped in using public property. Those with connections to Cabinet ministers are the worst culprits.
Currently, the PPPR is monitoring election activities in the NWP and Central Province and will start covering Northern Province next week.
The PPR will continue to release regular reports and prepare a final report at the end of the elections.

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