Minister using Grama Sevakas

Minister using Grama Sevakas


Former UNP MP for Kandy District Lakshman Kiriella yesterday alleged that a powerful Minister in the Kandy District is using Grama Sevakas  for his election campaign. Mr. Kiriella told a news conference that the said Minister had sent letters to all Grama Sevakas in the District to bring 10 persons for an election rally organized by him in Bogambara.

He said this is a clear violation of election laws. The former UNP MP said this Minister had also opened an office near the Nuwara Wewa and is distributing application forms for foreign employment.  

Mr. Kiriella recalled how Former Minister Anil Moonasinghe who was the then Chairman of CTB stepped down from his position as an MP when it was found that one of his supporters have used a CTB bus for his campaign at a by election. “Mr. Moonasinghe stepped down even though he was elected as an MP at the by election,” he recalled regretting that such a standard is not maintained today.

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