Lanka seeks reversal of EU move

Lanka seeks reversal of EU move


The Sri Lanka Government is seeking a reversal of the EU decision to temporarily suspend the GSP Plus facility to the country and will engage with the EU over the next six months in an attempt to achieve this goal.

The Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry, in a statement over the GSP plus withdrawal, said that the Sri Lankan government is confident that the EU and its Member States would, during the process of engagement, pay due attention to the manifold challenges yet faced by Sri Lanka, as a democracy that fought a decisive battle against terrorism.

“The Sri Lanka Government is hopeful that the unbroken engagement with the EU, would result in the timely reversal of the temporary suspension, thereby enabling the people of Sri Lanka to continue to draw on the GSP+ facility for their economic empowerment, including for the post-conflict recovery and rehabilitation of the North and of the East,” the Foreign Ministry said.

The Sri Lankan government notes that it values her longstanding relations with the EU.  Sri Lanka will therefore continue her engagement with the EU in the upcoming 6 months with a view to sensitizing the European side through a constructive dialogue, concerning both the rapid, demonstrable and sustainable progress that has been gained since the end of the conflict situation, as well as the further steps that would be taken in that direction.

The Government also pointed out that the purposefulness of such an engagement would be considerably heightened, if both parties were to act with sincerity and in a manner respectful of one another.  The setting of unattainable targets and the shifting of goal posts will only hamper the efforts of the parties.  The engagement will also need to be sensitive to the sovereign prerogative of the people of Sri Lanka, to chart their nation’s course.

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