Kaushalya Ranasighe

Kaushalya Ranasighe
Programme Officer – Public Sector

Kaushal is a Law Graduate (University of Buckinghamshire)- waiting for graduation and holding a Diploma in International Relations. Also, he was a freelance Journalist , Steering Committee Member of The PACT (Youth Global Organization) and Focal Point of Youth Lead (Regional Organization).

Kaushal is a Former News Presenter of Sri Lanka Rupawahini Cooperation , Youth Mobilizer of The DAST, Project officer of Power Women Project by We Effect Swedish Organization (Avoid Gender Based Violence in Anuradhapura District) and has worked with several organizations as a consultant Journalist. He was the youth representative of Gender Sub- Committee, Sri Lanka Parliament (Regarding Comprehensive Sexual Education for Adolescents ) and represented several policymaking as youth person regarding gender equality and Health. He has represented Sri Lanka as the Speaker for Several International, Regional and National Conference.

His hobby is reading books. He is a Dancer – Classical Kathak Dance and Contemporary and play Sitar and Esraj .

His Ambition with TISL is “to strengthen the social voice of Sri Lanka against bribery and corruption in line with the vision and mission of TISL.I believe that it is essential for civil society to stand up for the rights of a country, and that it requires public advocacy.

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