JVP calls on the citizens to oppose Amendment

JVP calls on the citizens to oppose Amendment


The JVP, at a mass demonstration opposite Parliament yesterday, called on the citizens of the country not to support  the proposed 18th Amendment to the Constitution, asserting that the Amendment would pave the way for a dictatorship and take away the people’s freedom.

JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva said at the protest that, although the Government was confident of obtaining a two thirds majority in Parliament today in favour of the 18th Amendment, the Government did not have the support of the masses.

“The only reason that the Government has apparently got approval for the proposed Amendment is that the Parliamentarians have been bribed. The Government has promised them relief from on-going court cases and also to help them in other ways,” he said.

Mr. Silva said that the Government had rushed to take a vote on the Amendment out of fear that the people would protest against it. “The proposal was made only a week ago. They said they were holding discussions with regard to the Amendment but it was an absolute lie. They had planned this all along, and the UNP leader was taken in by their lies,” he said.

“We call on President Rajapaksa to not play with democracy. Listen to the voice of the people. This Amendment is for the benefit of one person only. The people will gain nothing from these Constitutional changes. We will only face further suppression and corruption on the part of the Government if we allow these changes to take place,” he said.

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