Justice Delivered! Judge Reverses Ban On Lanka

Justice Delivered! Judge Reverses Ban On Lanka


In upholding the citizens’ right to information,  Gangodawila Magistrate overturned the temporary ban imposed on Lanka newspaper, when the hearing came up before him today (01).

The CID informed Court that in order to proceed with the case against the Editor of Lanka, Chandana Sirimalwatte, the banning of the newspaper must be upheld.  However, lawyers representing the newspaper reiterated that the ban has resulted in a violation of the right of expressing one’s opinion, guaranteed under the Constitution. They also pointed out that the ban violated the Constitutional right of equality for all before the law. They noted that the article in question over which the newspaper was banned, was carried on January 17th 2010 and has had no bearing whatsoever on the security status of the country nor has it affected its stability. Additionally, the CID has so far been unable to furnish the court with any adequate proof of the charges framed against the newspaper.
Having heard both sides, the Magistrate ruled that the CID had not presented adequate evidence in favour of the ban and therefore, court was moving to ensure the right of the people to information.

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  1. asanga wijeratne :

    people have right to have free and fair media.to read whatever the papers or watch whatever the TV channells or listen to the radio is a acording to the peoples choice.so why are those govt officers tring to ban those media?Then what wil happen is people are getting more suspicious and they thinks those allegations are true.so govt has to have some proper inqury and clear their name first.if there any wrong information submit by media,then govt can take the leagle action against them.so far we havent see any progress of those inquries.

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