Help Line to receive corruption related information in Education sector and People’s Platforms

Help Line to receive corruption related information in Education sector and People’s Platforms

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL), Sri Lankan Chapter of Transparency International, global coalition against corruption has planned to launch two key programmes to combat corruption with the support of the Sri Lankan citizens. The purpose of these programmes is not only to encourage people in the fight against corruption and enhancing integrity, but also intends to support the public servants’ “Clean Hands”, movement in the fight against corruption.
Secretaries of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs have been informed of these programmes and they have agreed to extend their fullest support for this effort to minimize corruption and enhance integrity.

Details of the programmes are as follows:

Voice Corruption Help Line Service 011 2 506 404

We invite public to use this Help Line to inform corruption related issues within the Education sector. The information conveyed over the Help Line will be forwarded to relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Education, Commission to investigate Allegations on Bribery or Corruption etc to take necessary action.

Apart from receiving corruption related information we would also welcome details of the public officers within the Education sector who have contributed to enhancing the integrity in the Education sector. Information regarding such officers would be also be forwarded to the Ministry of Education for suitable action.

The Help Line would be opened to the public from 08th of August 2007 and will be operated during week days from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. Members of the public could also send their information by postal mail to “Voice Corruption”, Transparency International Sri Lanka, 28/1, Bullers lane Colombo 07 or by e-mail to . Communications in all three languages are accepted.

Confidentiality of the informants where relevant is assured and the action taken with regard to information conveyed to us would be published in the media.

Integrity exhibition and Peoples’ Platform

TISL will be organizing public exhibitions to enhance awareness on anti corruption activities and inculcate attitudes of integrity among the public. The Exhibition will be followed by a Peoples’ Platform where Public issues related to corruption will be discussed in a forum comprising of clergy, Public officials, politicians, journalists, academics and members of public in the area.

The exhibition will consist of anti corruption awareness stalls from organizations engaging in anti corruption activities and governmental and non governmental organization who deliver public services. Three exhibitions have been scheduled for this year and the first event will be held in Kurunegala on 15th September 2007. The other two are planned to be held in Anuradhapura and Badulla in October and November.

We appreciate your corporation very much by publicizing this event which would support the national anti corruption efforts.

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