Grade One admission – ‘Back to bribery’

Grade One admission – ‘Back to bribery’


The new Grade One admission process had left leeway for corruption among principals Ceylon Teachers Union (CTU) said yesterday.

CTU urged the Education Ministry to take immediate action to make changes.

Although the majority of the teachers and principals were honest, there were a handful of officials who gave concern only to their personal benefits, CTU General Secretary Joseph Stalin speaking to Daily Mirror yesterday said.

“As a result of the new admission procedure, the principal is given sole authority of the entire process. This would definitely lead to copious amounts of corruption,” Mr. Stalin said.

He said that a large number of incidents related to corruption were being reported of student admission processes annually.

“This system which was prevalent several years ago led to corruption and therefore the system was changed last year where the Ministry intervened in the process so as to reduce to corruption. The Ministry should have continued to monitor the admission process, correcting its flaws instead of bringing it back to the same level,” he pointed out.

Speaking further Mr. Stalin said the Ministry should also ensure necessary disciplinary actions are taken against principals who commit such fraudulent actions.  “The circulars which are issued with relation to the Grade One admission process each year always contain a section which states that it is unlawful for any of the officials involved in the process to accept money during the admission of a student.

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