Friendly hand in the hour of need

Friendly hand in the hour of need

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) handed over a stock of relief goods to divisional secretaries of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa for distribution among victim affected by the recent floods.

The relief included stationery goods for children, Clothes, soft toys and dry rations. The goods collected by TISL staff and Board members in their personal capacity are to be distributed among the victims of Horowpathana and Nuwaragampalatha divisions of Anuradhpura district and Thamankaduwa and Hingurakgoda divisions of Polonnaruwa district.

 The recent heavy rainfall, which caused devastating floods, severely affected Eastern and North central provinces. Over 1.2 million people were affected and there were 17 deaths. Heavy rains during month of January too caused heavy damages where 1 million people were affected and 43 people reported dead.

 In Polonnaruwa, Anuradhpura and Ampara districts the floods effected all 6 Divisional Secretariat Divisions (DSD) where TISL work closely working with citizens and government institutions to demand Accountability in Local Governance.

TISL responded immediately to the plea of victims through their field offices. The network of primary stakeholders belonging to community based organisations (CBO) and DSD officials were contacted to assess the situation and welfare needs. Despite the difficulties of travelling and they themselves being victims,  both field coordinators visited accessible villages and met CBO members.

Based on a general demand from the flood affected areas, TISL staff decided to join with several other relief organizations to collect goods in their personal capacity. The generosity of fellow countrymen is best illustrated in times of disaster. TISL is also most appreciative of assistance rendered by friendly countries and international organizations.

Meanwhile, during the floods in January, TISL urged the government, volunteer agencies and the general public to be mindful of possible lapses in the distribution of aid and to ensure a transparent mechanism which would deliver maximum benefits to the affected people while maintaining highest standards of integrity.

TISL emphasis again the importance of transparency and application of good governance practices even during trying times.

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