FR petition filed against lawyers for misuse of state media

FR petition filed against lawyers for misuse of state media


A fundamental rights violation petition against three prominent lawyers was filed on Wednesday (10) before the Supreme Court alleging that they had come on state media including some live programmes and acted in a manner to deceive the general public at a crucial moment of franchise with a view of supporting the incumbent President for extraneous reasons and gains.

The Petition filed by Ravindra Lal Perera who was a candidate at the Presidential Election held on January 26 from the political party called “Our National Front” complained to Court that thereby these lawyers had acted in violation of professional rectitude and ethical conduct of an Attorney-at-Law.

Petitioner cited Attorneys-at-Law Kalinga Indatissa and Upali Sarath Kongahage as well as President’s Counsel M. Razik Zarook as respondents.

The Petitioner stated that all Attorneys-at-Law and President Counsel have taken oaths before the Supreme Court as required by law and the oaths taken by them specifically state that they will uphold, safeguard, protect and defend the Constitution at their best.

He maintained that the general public believe that the Attorneys-at-Law and President Counsel are experts in law and capable of giving correct advice on matters of law.

Gen. Fonseka, the candidate of the New Democratic Alliance, contested the Presidential Election held on January 26 as he has fulfilled all requirements to become a Presidential Candidate but his name was not in the electoral list, he said.

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