Election Monitoring Centre proposes two recommendations

Election Monitoring Centre proposes two recommendations

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The Centre for Monitoring Free and Fair Elections and Democratic Rights, has brought out its Final Report on the Presidential Election 2010. In its report the Centre has recommended two proposals for implementation.

It says that a large number of internal migrant workers did not vote in the last election. The leave of absence that they were entitled to, on the day of the elections was not sufficiently long enough for them go back to their villages, exercise their franchise and come back. Moreover they are unable to bear the cost of such travel too. It recommended that Government should take steps to make facilities available, enabling them to vote from or a point close to their work places.

The Centre also said thousands of migrant workers abroad, were deprived of the opportunity of voting. Many countries had made this opportunity available for their citizens. Sri Lanka was not among them. The government should seriously consider this as a need and make opportunities for these migrants available to cast their votes from abroad where they work.

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