Efforts to improve public services

Efforts to improve public services

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) has commenced a survey to collect information on service delivery of selected Divisional Secretariat Divisions (DSD) in Anuradhapura, Ampara and Pollonnaruwa Districts.

The survey is currently underway in  Nuwaragampalatha East, Horowpathana, Thamankaduwa, Hingurakgoda, Addalachchenai and Kalmunai divisional secretariats.

The European Union (EU) approved project is implemented through TISL to enhance the demand for accountability in local governance in the selected districts. The information collected through this survey will enable to identify the existing gaps in service delivery with opportunity to improve in future. 

The enumerators will be conducting 325 interviews in each DSD during the survey while a minimum of 1950 participants are expected to participate. .

The services rendered by DSD offices including the  registration of births and deaths, land registrations, issuing of permits, registration of small enterprises will be closely examined to be fed into a data base. The data collected would be then presented back to the officials of the DSD’s as well as the service recipients in order to engage them in an exercise to develop strategies to improve their services as well as foster dialogues among them.

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