Don’t vote for politicians who harm environment – Environmentalists appeal to public

Don’t vote for politicians who harm environment – Environmentalists appeal to public


A group of Environmentalists yesterday called on the public to be more environmentally conscious when casting their votes  at  the upcoming general elections  and elect politicians  who do not pollute the environment in their campaigns.

Addressing a media briefing Environmentalist and popular actress  Irangani  Serasinghe   said  as  responsible citizens the public should elect  representatives  who are  protecting  the environment  and not those who  have  the highest  number of posters and cutouts.
“When the elections are over the posters and cutsouts   put up by  these politicians will be food to the cows and goats  and  the milk we drink from them will  harm us, she added .
Environmentalist Pubudu Weerantne said   the amount of money spent by these politicians   for their banners and cutouts can be used for better public services.
“The money spent by these politicians  on banners and posters is not for the affection of   the public but to take  back the money    they spent when in power ,“ he added.
Also speaking at the briefing Environmentalist Jagath Gunawardene  said  the amount of flour used in pasting the posters  is just unbelievable at a time when  there is a food crisis.
“In Matara  district during the last presidential election a MP  bought  around 250,000   bags of flour  just to paste posters and cutouts. So just imagine the amount  of flour used at the rate of  posters  seen on our streets, “ he added.
The Environmentalists also raised their concern about  the amount of fuel used   by the politicians for campaigning   and the carbon it releases  which harm the environment very badly.
“We complain of higher fuel prices but if fuel is used at this rate  by the politicians we are on a really bad track ,“the Environmentalists warned.
Some politicians have started this new trend of Eco friendly campaigning   but these are the candidates who gave Sinharaja  to a  hotel they pointed out.
Environmentalist Teles Kariyawasam said MPs get a maximum salary of   Rs. 100,000  a month and the parliament has been there  for 77 months  only “.So where do they get the money to have such massive campaigns,” he questioned.
Being  a member of parliament is just a job so why do they spend a large amount on campaigning,  this shows they are here  just to make money and not to serve the public  he added.

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