District Accountants Summoned for a Political Meeting


District Accountants Summoned for a Political Meeting

Letter to the Election Commissioner: 


Mr. Mahinda Deshapriya
Commissioner of Election
Department of Election

Dear Sir,

District Accountants Summoned for a Political Meeting

It has come to our attention that all the district level accountants, including the Chief Accountants of every district, has been summoned to Temple Trees for a discussion about the budget.

It is concerning that these officers were not invited to either the Ministry of Finance or the Treasury to discuss budget related matters but rather was invited to the official residence of the President. District Accountants play a crucial role in the electoral process as the main Counting Officers and also serve as Additional Returning Officers. Their participation in what could be a political meeting of a Presidential candidate greatly questions the integrity of the electoral process and challenges the trust and validity of the election results that they will preside over.

We believe that each of these officers carry out their duties honestly and with integrity. However their participation in such a meeting will only create a doubt in the minds of the people about their commitment and service.

We strongly request that you look into this matter urgently and take the necessary remedial actions to protect the sanctity electoral process.

Sri Lanka Youth heavily involved in the election campaign of President Mahinda Rajapakse

It has been reported to us that Sri Lanka Youth, a state institution, have joined hands with the Nil Balakaya (Blue Brigade) to engage in the election campaigning activities of the electoral candidate of the United People Freedom Alliance, Mahinda Rajapakse.
In the guise of a capacity building training program, 100 young individuals from the Northern Province was assembled to give them instructions on how to carry out campaigning activities for Mahinda Rajapakse by Sri Lanka Youth. Long drawn out lecturers were delivered by officers attached to the Sri Lanka Youth (names can be provided on request) at the Kilinochchi National Youth Services Council Center on how they should operate in order to ensure the victory of Mahinda Rajapakse. They have also planned to use these young individuals in turn to train 100 youth each in every Divisional Secretariat division.

We kindly request to intervene into this matter and stop Sri Lanka youth from getting involved in election campaigning.

Schools used for political activities
It has been reported to us that Deputy Minister of Coconut Development and Janatha Estate, Mr. Anthony Victor Perera has held political meetings claiming to discuss how to improve the education in the North Western Province by strengthening the School Development Committees for committee members and parents.

He has instructed the Principals of all the schools in the Chillaw and Puttlam area to convene the School Development Committees for this meeting. It is creditable to note that certain Principals have shown refused to carry out his instructions.
The letter issued by the Minister pertaining to this matter is attached herewith.
We request your immediate attention on this issue.

Misuse of a land that belongs to a Urban Council

An organization called ‘ Kurunegala Free Lawyers Organization’ convened a media conference at the Kurunegala Municipal Council auditorium on November 27th to pledge their support to Mahinda Rajapakse in the forthcoming election.

This particular auditorium is located in the main building of the Kurunegal Municipal Council is meant only to be used for internal purposes. The auditorium is generally not given out to external parties on a hire basis.

This incident is clearly and incident of misuse of public property and further inquiry into the matter revealed that this auditorium cannot be rented out by the public even for a fee.

Yours Truly,

S. Ranugge
Executive Director
Transparency International Sri Lanka

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