COPE Report – what next?

COPE Report – what next?

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) convened a review meeting to discuss the next course of action to be followed on the recently released COPE Report. Among the participants were a COPE Member, an academician, social activists and a senior journalist.

The need for public participation in assessing the findings of COPE was stressed and it was suggested that prior to the debate on the COPE Report in Parliament, the public should be notified to send in their observations. This could be done through media publicity and by publishing an advertisement. The public should be given adequate time to submit their views, it was pointed out. It was also proposed that it would be good for COPE to meet the public and discuss.

Matters related to parliamentary control of finance, appointment of qualified persons as directors of state corporations, holding chief accounting officers of state institutions responsible for mismanagement were among a range of topics discussed.

Thanking the participants for their valuable suggestions, TISL Executive Director, S Ranugge wound up the meeting by assuring that TISL will work out how best TISL could move forward in keeping up the momentum on the findings of the COPE Report.

Immediately after the COPE Report was released, TISL, through a media release, highlighted that action should be taken on COPE recommendations. TISL feels the need to plan a follow up action programme since the Report deals with many issues related to bribery and corruption, integrity and governance.

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