Commission to probe corruption


Commission to probe corruption

newcommijpgA special presidential commission to probe large-scale corruption and fraud and punish those involved in such illegal activities will be appointed this week, said President Maithriapala Sirisena today.

President Sirisena who was speaking at a public rally in Aralaganwila said those who were found guilty would be dealt with irrespective of their position and political affiliations.

He averred that they would be dealt with in keeping with the pledge given in his 100-day programme.

He admitted that there had been delays in dealing with corruption and promised quick action.

The commission to probe corruption and frauds and punish the culprits was to be appointed on February 5, according to the 100 day programme of the new government.

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  1. Sie.Kathieravealu :

    January 3, 2015
    Lawyers Urges Election Commissioner to give binding directives to ITN and other state owned business undertakings

    The present practice of appointing persons to Boards and Corporations on ONLY the qualification of his/her political alliance must be dispensed and the only first qualification must be his/her sincerity and dedication. to the institution to which s/he has been appointed and must be strictly told to not make use of that position to promote the interest of the political party to which he/she belongs and also not to make use of the position to earn a side income.

    January 1, 2015
    TISL Urges Ministry Secretaries to Safeguarded Public Property during the Presidential Election.

    TISL must request the President to o away with the practice of appointing persons from outside the CAS i.e NO POLITICAL APPOINTMENTS to this important post. The Secretary to the Ministry is the accounting officer of that Ministry and he has to be a responsible officer and not a politician who is irresponsible and not accountable to anyone.
    Earlier we had Permanent Secretaries who were responsible and accountable.

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