Comments by a past Award winner

Comments by a past Award winner

In Sri Lanka there is no attempt being made to identify and encourage investigative journalists. There was no effort being made even at institutional level to at least permit them to spend more time on such work. There was no scheme to provide them with transport even when they were on unsafe assignments. The media person who wrote a news story by telephoning someone and obtaining some information as well as the one who made exposures after unearthing information through research and investigations were treated equally. We did our work amidst such hardships.


When I was awarded the National Integrity Award recognizing the exposures I had made, some sort of interest was aroused at institutional level. It became a talking point among both the editorial staff as well as the institution, as to why there was no interest on their part when an outside party had recognized my effort. 


I felt honored and experienced a sense of pride when I realized that my efforts have been appreciated by society. This I gathered when I studied the process of selection adopted by TISL in depth. 


The dignified manner in which TISL welcomed the award winners at the presentation gave me more strength and determination to continue my mission of exposing corruption in spite of the numerous threats to my life. It was most appropriate that Mr Lalith Ambanwela, Senior Audit Superintendent was also recognised in the same year (2004) that I got the award.


Poddala Jayantha

Integrity Award winner 2004

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