Citizens Declaration Against UID Number

Citizens Declaration Against UID Number

New Delhi, July 9, 2011: At a State level Consultation of Stakeholders Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and Field sharings today at Gandhi Peace Foundation on concerns and issues on UIDAI, Citizens Declration Against UID/Aadhaar Number was adopted. The English and Hindi version of the Declaration is attached along with the Statement of Concern and the agenda of the meeting. There were discussions on assault on Individual liberty, violation of privacy and civil liberties and the basic flaws in the structure of UIDAI. The consulation was organised by Sahari Adhikar Manch and Indo Global Social Services Society.

The “Citizens Declaration Against UID Number” is given under:
Citizens Declaration Against UID Number – New Delhi, 9th July 2011

Taking cognisance of the Statement of Concern on Unique Identity (UID) Number/ Aadhaar Number project and its inter-linkages with the proposed legislations and institutional machinery issued by 17 eminent citizens led by Justice V R Krishna Iyer, we reject this project;

We demand immediate audit of the activities of the UID Authority of India since its inception till date;

We recommend to all the state governments, government departments and the few NGOs that are already collaborating with the government, to boycott this project with immediate effect;

We understand this project to be against national interest, human rights and natural resources. Therefore, we demand its abandonment;

We apprise the fellow citizens and residents that the project does not have any constitutional, legal or democratic basis. Therefore, we appeal to you to boycott it.

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