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Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) is the local chapter of the global movement against corruption committed towards the promotion of principles of good governance and the elimination of corruption in all sectors and spheres in Sri Lanka. Initiated in 1999, TISL has worked with elected and public officials at the ... Read More
March 16, 2016admin


TISL made a verbal presentation to the Public Representation Committee on Constitutional Reforms and presented 12 proposals on the 04th March 2016. TISL is to hand over its written submissions within two weeks. One of the proposals is to amend the composition of the Constitutional Council by having more civil society ... Read More
March 4, 2016admin


Transparency International Sri Lanka’s legal arm Shelter for Integrity the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) has so far received 20350 complaints from the public who have experienced corruption while obtaining a service from a State institution. ALACS provide the public with the opportunity to seek legal advice free of charge ... Read More
December 18, 2015admin


TISL’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC)  Matara branch office conducted a two-day training programme for University Students of Ruhuna in order to empower them on Social Media Activism especially in their fight against corruption .The workshop was held at “Solis Hotel –Matara on 16th & 17 October 2105 and ... Read More
October 22, 2015admin