Caretaker govt. a must during polls – TISL

Caretaker govt. a must during polls – TISL

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Like in India, Sri Lanka should have caretaker governments during elections, Transparency International Executive Director J. C. Weliamuna says.

Speaking at a discussion titled ‘Integrity of the Electoral Process 2010’, at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute on Tuesday, he said a code of conduct with powers vested in the Supreme Court, like in India, was essential for guaranteeing free and fair elections.

He said that Transparency International had monitored the abuse of public resources during the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections 2010.

PAFFREL Executive Director Rohana Hettiarachchi, recommended greater transparency and accountability of political parties, candidates and independent groups on campaign contributions, expenses, funding sources and self imposed funding limits during the election period.

The Elections Commissioner should have authority to implement and enforce campaign regulations in a consistent and impartial manner, Hettiarachi said.

He recommended that paid advertisement by political parties be put under the control of an independent institution.

“The content of such advertisements must not include inflammatory language. The duration of airtime the media are permitted to broadcast for each party should be monitored daily,” he said.

Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEW) National Coordinator D. M. Dissanayaka was of the opinion that following the 18th Amendment one cannot believe in an independent commission.

He said the mechanism of appointing Election Commission must be revised and election laws too should be revised.

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