CaFFE make recommendations

CaFFE make recommendations


Campaign for free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) recommends the appointment of a supervisory committee comprising of election department officials, provincial administration officials, representatives of political parties and civil society organizations in order to speed up the voter registration process in the Eastern province.Chief Keerthi Tennakoon yesterday said that people should be educated about the electoral process and that a proper mechanism should be put in place to systematically issue national identity cards at GN division level.

“The 17th amendment should be implemented and the Elections Commission that will streamline the administration of provincial, district and DS divisional level is also an advantage,” he said. “Furthermore there should be new Grama Niladhari divisions which have been put off by the Internal Administration ministry. The Elections Department should also appoint counting officers in areas where there are no GNs as well in order to quicken the revision process,” he said.  “Most people residing in the area are not interested in obtaining their voter revision forms from their respective grama niladaris and the issue requires serious attention by  the Elections Department,” he said.

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