Ban on polls posters on private buses

Ban on polls posters on private buses


Private bus operators have requested the Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake to impose a ban on political parties using their buses to paste election posters and stickers during the general election campaign. Private Bus Operators Association President Gemunu Wijeratna, told Daily Mirror Online the Elections Chief had assured legal action would be taken against any private bus owner who displayed election propaganda material on a passenger bus after February 26 – the day of accepting nominations ends.

“Some individuals or parties paste posters by force on private buses and displaying any posters or stickers on buses is against the election law as we operators do a service to the public and don’t campaign for any individual or a party,” he added this should operate for the upcoming general election. 

He also said: “We discussed whether there were any shortcomings to the people during the presidential election with our bus services. We could provide a better service for the upcoming general election, especially our services for the people in the Northern  and Eastern  provinces”. Earlier the Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake had assured the Opposition that private buses would be used for poll purposes at the upcoming general elections.

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