Awareness Programmes for Public Officials in Badulla District

Awareness Programmes for Public Officials in Badulla District

Transparency International Sri Lanka [TISL] in collaboration with the District Secretariat of Badulla conducted 2 major training programmes on 7th,8th and 9th of May 2008 in Badulla District. Progarmmes were designed to inculcate good governance concepts and knowledge on anti corruption among selected categories of public officials in Badulla district.

Programme for Grama Niladhari officials (village officers) were held at the main auditorium of the District Secretariat. This was second group of Grama Niladhari officials trained by TISL in Badulla District in this year.

Second two day programme was conducted for 32 senior officials of the Public Sector in the district (Divisional Secretaries, Assistant Divisional Secretaries, and Accountants). Participants were sensitized on tool of good governance and their implementation. Mr. A.K Chandarkantha (Attorney-at-Law, former Deputy Director General of Commission to Investigate into Allegations on Bribery or Corruption) and Mr. M.D.A Harold, Chairperson of TISL (Retired Deputy Auditor General) were the resource persons for the programme. Programme was ended up with an action plan to strengthen good governance in the related fields of their work.

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