Awareness building on Anti- Corruption in Rideemaliyadda

Awareness building on Anti- Corruption in Rideemaliyadda

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) held an awareness building programme on anti –corruption initiatives and good governance at local level at Rideemaliyadda in the Badulla district recently.

This awareness programme was held on a request made by the Public of Rideemaliyadda Pradeshiya Saba area. Over 40 members representing civil society and officials of the Rideemaliyadda Pradeshiya Saba area participated in the programme which was presided over by Karu Weerarathna Chairman to the PS.

It was highlighted in the programme that lack of space for civil society in Sri Lanka has curtailed the liberties of the civil society to challenge the malpractices in village level. Further it was stressed that good governance in the Pradeshiya Saba will enhance the service delivery to the public also. Civil society members were told to be more vigilant on corruption and malpractices happening at local level.

While commending TISL work towards minimizing corruption in Sri Lanka, Karu Weerarathna Chairman to the PS requested TISL to do more awareness programmes in Rideemaliyadda to promote integrity in local level.

Former secretary to the Post and Telecommunication Ministry Piyatissa Ranasinghe and TISL’s Nauli Wimalarathna took part in the programme as resource persons.

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