An Unruly Earl Breaks The Law

An Unruly Earl Breaks The Law

Sri Lanka’s Green Movement head, Suranjan Kodituwakku says that UNP defector to the government, parliamentarian Earl Gunasekera has violated a Supreme Court directive to immediately remove one of his houses in the Patapilikanda area near the Minneriya reservoir belonging to the Wild Life Conservation Department.

The Green Movement says that the house estimated at Rs. 40 million has been illegally built on a one acre piece of land belonging to the Wild Life Conservation Department.

The Supreme Court Order

Kodituwakku said that the Green Movement has once again handed a petition to the Hingurakgoda Magistrate’s Court citing the violation of the Supreme Court order.

When The Sunday Leader contacted Earl Gunasekera MP, he denied the multi million rupee luxury home belongs to him saying, “This house belongs to my younger sister. Talk to her.”  Asked for a contact telephone number for his sister Gunasekera waffled saying, “I don’t have a number for her on me now call me back later,” before abruptly hanging up.  Our attempts to reach him thereafter failed.

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