A huge bribery racket at Petroleum Corporation surfaced in issuing petrol shed licences

A huge bribery racket at Petroleum Corporation surfaced in issuing petrol shed licences

From reliable sources of the Petroleun Corporation it had revealed that some racketeers have commenced a business in contacting rich businessmen and promoting them to commence the business of opening of petrol sheds by bribing certain high officials of the Petroleum Corporation.

It is learnt that a senior official of the petroleum corporation has masterminded this proposed business together with a secretary of a Minister , and a Medical Officer have been jointly involved in this lucrative business. It is also learnt from the Officer who gave this vital information that a Deputy General Manager of the Petroleum Corporation is also involved in this racketeering exercise.

This illegal promotion of this exercise via bribes had been heard lately from the Kurunegala area. The person so involved is an officer attached to a provincial office of the petroleum corporation working in the Kurunegala office. He had contacted the a leading dealer in petroleum having already petrol sheds and a relative of his by taking a huge bribe of Rs 40 lakhs promising that he would get the required licence from the Petroleum corporation.

A complaint had been made in the Police station and at the Petroleum Corporation level investigations have already commenced to probe into it a spokesman for the Petroleum Corporation had revealed.

The advice to many businessman is not to fall prey to these racketeers. One has to log into the web site of the Petroleum Corporation, obtain the information and fill up the necessary forms and follow the formalities in this regard. The senior official of the Petroleum corporation quipped in that manner.

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