Tracking Ministerial Expenditure: A Quest For The ‘Golden Fleece’?

Tracking Ministerial Expenditure: A Quest For The ‘Golden Fleece’?

TISL’s project on ‘Ministerial Expenditure Monitoring’ particularly highlighting the legal and financial implications involved in maintaining a large cabinet in Sri Lanka within the current socio-political and legal context has being rolling out for eight months since January, 2008 with the objective of creating a public demand towards good governance.

The project attempted to achieve its objectives through the employment of various research techniques such as literature and internet surveys, personal interviews etc. and the results were presented to the public in two position papers under the headings ‘Mega Cabinets in Sri Lanka: Perceptions and Implications’ and ‘A Quest for the ‘Golden Fleece’’?. These papers were distributed amongst the Media, Community Based Organizations, Research Libraries and Public Libraries for raising awareness amongst the public. The project is reaching towards its end targeting a better response from stakeholders. The two position papers released already can be referred at under TISL programs.

TISL is readily open and appreciates your responses communicated to us via web, post, telephone (0112501474) or fax (0112506419).

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