‘Public market built on private land’

‘Public market built on private land’


The public market at Vavunatheevu in Batticaloa has been built on a land registered in the name of a relative of the Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha, Vavunatheevu, the opposition leader said.

With 48 lakhs allocated for building a public market, when the Pradeshiya Sabha was looking for land to build a market, the Chairman proposed that a contractor was willing to pay for a plot of land that was found suitable for the purpose.

He also suggested that the contract to build the proposed market be given to the said contractor to which he as the leader of the opposition gave his endorsement, the leader of the opposition K. Vimalanathan told the Tamil Mirror.

But the land has been registered in the name of a relative of the Chairman. The person who sold the land had said he consented to sell the land as it was for a public purpose, he said.  The official of the Pradeshiya Sabha was also blamed for permitting building a market on a private land, the opposition members said.

When the Tamil Mirror contacted the Chairman, K. Subramaniam for comments, he said he approved building the market on a 120 perch land belonging to his nephew, but would arrange for the transfer of the 40 perch land only with new building within a month.

The opposition members and public organisations demand the immediate transfer of the land, failing which, they would launch public agitations, they added.

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